Wandervoic: The Sapa Story


Founding Chairman Award Winner for the Best of Fair at Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 2018

Young Social Entrepreneur Award for the Buy Good, Feel Good Expo 2017

The Visual Voice tapestry takes the viewer on a tangible journey through the mountainside of Sapa, Vietnam. Leading up to this work, I embarked on a two-day homestay with an 18-year-old girl named Zie who guided me through the mountains to her home. Immersed in Zie’s culture, I crafted a piece that would act as a visual voice; Zie’s voice. The layered tapestry showcases the vibrancy embodied by Zie and her community. As you immerse yourself in the tapestry you experience moments of their journey through the mountainside and the rawness of their off-the-beaten path travels. Step into Zie’s world, and let her tell you her story.

Made in Adobe Photoshop